Web3 Buildspace Project

Art by Executium

I've been playing around with Ethereum and Solidity for a little while now. I've taken a couple Udemy courses and dabbled with some projects. I've also joined some developer focused Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), where I first learned of the site buildspace.

Buildspace is a unique online learning experience focused on walking participants through their first end to end web3 application. Most DAOs communicate in Discord and buildspace also has a large Discord community so it seemed a great fit, I was already there. I signed up and worked my way through the project over the weekend. If you have Metamask, an Ethereum wallet, feel free to try out my demo project and leave a message, otherwise check out the video below.

There are some prerequisites needed to develop on Ethereum:

  • Alchemy account (provider)
  • Mycrypto account (faucet - I found them faster than Rinkeby)
  • Metamask chrome extension (Ethereum wallet)
  • Hardhat development environment

All in all it was a very interesting experience. It was fun to work through the sections with hundreds of other developers offering support in the Discord channel, sharing tips and progress. I'd recommend buildspace if you have some basic Javascript/React/Solidity experience. They assume a little foundational knowledge is there and the course is more focused on wiring a project together than the particulars of Javascript or Solidity.

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